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Electric Scooter Climber

The Climber is the best waterproof dual-motor electric scooter with max power up to 1500W.

2022 INMOTION New Product Launch Event | A Glorious Past, A Brilliant Future

2022 INMOTION New Product Launch Event will be live on August 11th, 16:00 (GMT) / 12:00 (EDT)

Making better electric unicycles and electric scooters have always been the most important thing that we’re striving for, and today we’re honored to share with you our 2 exciting products – Challenger (V13) & Climber. From today, we will redefine EUC & Escooter.

YouTube : 2022 INMOTION New Product Launch Event | A Glorious Past, A Brilliant Future

  1. Climber is a powerful scooter, equipped with dual motors with max power up to 1500W.

For people living in flat areas, a single motor scooter might just be enough, but for those who live in hilly areas, single motor scooters just can’t do the job.

  1. We can’t accept the fact that their scooters can be easily damaged in the rain or passing some light puddles.

To solve this problem, we made Climber have a waterproofing level of IPX6, which is the best in the personal electric scooter category.

For key components like battery and controller units, they have an even higher waterproofing level of IP67

  1. It’s been a disaster to maintain a scooter, even a simple task like replacing a tire might need to purchase special tools, remove 30x screws, mess up everywhere, taking up hours of labor.

Thanks to our modular design and split rim technology, to make a tire change, you just need to plug off the connector, remove the motor, split the rims and replace your new tire.


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